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General Editors: Dr Sally Crawford and Dr Christina Lee with Professor Robert Arnott

  1. To be published by Archaeopress of Oxford, this new peer reviewed series is designed to cover the growing discipline of the study of the history of disease and medicine in the ancient and early medieval world, from prehistory to the Middle Ages. Although a number of highly regarded peer reviewed journals already exist that cover the history of medicine in general, there are none that specifically cover both the ancient and medieval world. This is a lacuna that needs to be filled.
  2. Each volume will be devoted to a specific theme (similar to World Archaeology), edited by a Guest Editor or Editors by invitation of the General Editors and the Editorial Board, although the General Editors will retain overall control. It is anticipated that some of these themes may be based upon papers arising out of conferences and workshops, but the volumes will not be conference proceedings and submissions of additional papers around that theme would be welcome for consideration.
  3. Each volume, which will contain approximately ten to twelve peer reviewed papers, will also include a section of four or five Short Notes and a section covering announcements of conferences, workshops, news and publications on the website. We shall also have a Book Review section.
  4. It will be published by Archaeopress of Oxford (publishers of British Archaeological Reports (BAR). Although in the style and A4 size of BAR volumes (and also for purposes of subscription, sales and marketing will also have BAR International Series numbers), it will have a distinctive cover, logo and ISSN number and it will be possible to subscribe individually. The General Editors will assist with the wider subscription by medical libraries and medical practitioners.
  5. The financial needs will be restricted only to cover some editorial costs and the occasional publication subvention (e.g. for colour plates etc.) These costs will be met by publication grants.
  6. It is proposed that the following will be invited to be members of the initial Editorial Board: It is not proposed that the Editorial Board meet as a body, but will be in regular email contact with the General Editors and will form the nucleus of a group that will undertake the review process. Members of the Editorial Board may also choose to initiate and/or edit volumes or recommend others to do so.
  7. It is proposed that the Preliminary Schedule of Publication for the next two years is as follows:
  8. Number Year Editors Subject
    1 2010 Sally Crawford and Christina Lee Early Medieval Disease and Disability in Western Europe
    2 2010/11 Robert Arnott Disease, Health and Medicine in the Ancient Near East
    3 2011 Debby Banham and Claire Pilsworth The Missing Link: medicine in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
    4 2012 Rupert Breitwieser Disablement in the Ancient World
    5 2012 General Edition
    6 2012 Piers Mitchell Sanitation and Cesspits
  9. The Style Sheet for the journal is attached.

General Editors

Dr Sally Crawford
Centre for the History of Medicine
University of Birmingham and
Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford

Dr Christina Lee
School of English Studies
University of Nottingham

with Professor Robert Arnott
Centre for the History of Medicine
University of Birmingham

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